The Weather is Unpredictable

Posted by UFC Blogger | 5:52 AM

Currently, the weather here is a little bit rainy. It didn't rain that hard this afternoon but the sky was covered with dark clouds and it was drizzling. Because of this, I can say the the weather here is unpredictable since this morning it is so hot!

The weather is unpredictable just like the upcoming UFC 100. I can't still predict if who will be the winners for every match. But the best thing to do is to Watch UFC 100 Online here so that I will know if who are going to win in their respective matches. Good evening!

Today is Sunday

Posted by UFC Blogger | 9:03 PM

Yes! Today is Sunday and it's the day to give glory to our Lord. I will attend the mass later this evening, 7PM. Aside from this, Sunday will also be the big day or the UFC 100. This will be on July 13, 2009 which is already July 14 in here which is Sunday. I am really excited to watch the UFC 100 Live Stream online because Brock Lesnar is there. When he was still a wrestler, he is one of my favorite wrestlers.

It's 8:22 PM in Here

Posted by UFC Blogger | 5:23 AM

Good evening people! I Just want to say that it's 8:22 PM here in the Philippines. Hehehe! I am excited for the UFC 100 Live Stream which will be shown here. I hope that there would be no problems.

It's Too Hot in Here

Posted by UFC Blogger | 1:05 AM

Good afternoon! It is very hot here in our place that's why I removed my shirt to lessen the heat. I am currently in front of the electric fan but then I still feel hot! We only have electric fans inside our house, we don't have air conditioner because we cannot afford to buy that one and to pay the electric bill.

In this hot afternoon, I am just going to look for a site where I can Watch UFC 100 Online for FREE. I hope that I will be able to find one. This event will be on July 13, 2009. Gosh! It's really hot in here! GTG, I think I need to gulp a bottle of cold soda.

Good Morning from UFC 100

Posted by UFC Blogger | 6:29 PM

Good morning everyone! Greetings from the UFC Blogger. I was not able to blog last night because I was out with some friends to dine in a mall nearby. We talk about different things including the issue regarding the UFC 100 Live Stream Online. All of us are so excited to watch this event so we are really waiting for a site which will have a live streaming of UFC 100 this coming July 13, 2009.

Weeks to go before the UFC 100

Posted by UFC Blogger | 5:22 AM

The UFC 100 will be held this coming July 13, 2009 which will be a few more weeks to go. I am so excited to this event because this will be the first UFC event which has 3 digits! Hehehe. I am also excited in watch the UFC 100 Live Stream in this site. I hope that I can find a good streaming link for this event.

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